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About ME

Namaste! Myself Archana Tachak, a certified Yoga Teacher ( RYT 500) from India. I follow traditional Hatha Yoga in my teaching of Asanas with more focus on breathing, proper alignment and human anatomy.We at Nityam Yoga believe that Yoga is a combination of Asana, Pranayam, Meditation and Yog Nidra. I offer One to One Class, Yoga Workshops, Online One to One Yoga session and Yognidra session.

My interest in Yoga developed during my school days where Yoga was part of extra-curricular activity. After schooling I practised Yoga with a Casual Approach and then later developed deep passion for learning Yoga to help myself and others. After experiencing personal benefits, I did the Teacher Training course (level I & level II) from Shantarasa Yoga School (RYS) to rejuvenate the society with benefits of Yoga.


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