June 20, 2018



“ A private one-on-one Yoga session taught online via Zoom , Google Meet or Whatsapp. 60 minutes of instruction customized to your body, your needs, and your goals.”

These Classes are best-suited for those who are unable to attend regular Yoga Classes.

Improve your Physical & Mental Health from anywhere you are. Enjoy a private yoga practice at the comfort of your home or office or outdoors. One-on-one, live online yoga sessions are a great way to incorporate yoga into your busy routine.

During these personalized online yoga sessions, you will get a practice, designed personally for you as per your Health, Age, and requirements.

Benefits of Online Yoga Class

  • Opportunity – Those who are unable to attend Regular Yoga Class can get Yoga training from a professional yoga teacher anytime, anywhere.
  • Personal Attention – Specially designed classes as per your needs. Proper guidance for all poses and instant corrections.
  • Savings –Smaller investment than Regular One to One class.
  • Virtual Live Classes over Recorded Video Classes – There are many online video classes and you tube videos available over the internet. The drawback of these classes is that they do not help you in posture corrections and they are not specially designed for your needs. For beginners, there are more benefits to take regular class or online one to one class. They can continue practice by watching video lessons later on after completing beginners level.

What You Need

  • * Yoga Mat
  • *Good Internet Connection
  • * Computer with Web camera , Microphone, and Speaker
  • * Yoga Belt, Blocks, Bolster if you have

what are you waiting for?

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