June 18, 2018

Regular Classes

Why to join Regular Yoga Classes?

  • Regular Yoga Classes are designed uniquely as per the requirement of the participants.
  • We follow unique sequence every day to maintain interest and enthusiasm of the participants.
  • The experience of a yoga classes is entertaining, informative, social and inspiring. The experience of working and learning together is really uplifting, and people experience lots of new areas of Yoga.

Benifits of Regular Yoga Classes

  • Maintain healthy life style
  • Mental calmness & Reduced stress
  • Increased strength
  • Greater flexibility
  • Better breath control

Yoga Class Details:

Our Yoga Classes are based on the traditional form of “Hatha Yoga”, “Pranayama” and “Meditation”.

Class Duration : 70 minutes

To get more details about  Yoga Classes : Call  09099633777  or Click Here